Mountain marriage: August 15th, 2015



Here’s everything you need to know about Olivia and I doing the marriage thing.

Wedding week: Fun in the sun


Olivia will be coming into town a bit earlier than me to get some preps in the works. People are welcome anytime to come explore, visit and see the beauty of this wee mining town.

Jon will come in on Wednesday of wedding week to continue preps and get all situated.

The plan for Friday of that week is to spend time at the Yuba River and relax. A little party by the water. We’ll also spend the evening going out for dinner and drinks. Plans will come together for that the closer we get. No obligations or demands to participate. Pop in, stay the whole time, explore the town on your own. It’s as much a vacation for you as it is for us.

The Registry: 

We have most of the housewares that we need, so we made an eclectic mix of stuff and some donation options for folks. Thanks in advance, loved ones. Here’s the link:

Humbert/Gobert-Hicks registry

The venue: Miner’s Foundry



The Foundry is a wonderful space in Nevada City. We had the opportunity to tour it over Thanksgiving and it really will be special and very “us.”

We plan to have a similar setup like you see in the picture, but still a very relaxed and low key environment.

People can arrive starting at 3:30 and the entrance music for the wedding party hits right at 4:30.

We plan to have a short but sweet ceremony followed by a fantastic and fun potluck of sorts. Local family members will have access to a large kitchen right next to the stone hall and have some flavorful favorites for everybody.

Olivia’s amazing Bay Area family is helping cater with barbecue from their spectacular restaurant 3 Pigs BBQ. Awesome.

We’ll have tables, but no seating arrangements. Just have a relaxing time with friends and mingle!

We’ll also have an open bar and some local volunteers are offering to help serve and keep the line flowing.

During this time we’ll have some great tunes and the dancing can get started.

The party lasts all the way until midnight!

The town: Nevada City, California

nevada city californiaNestled nearly equidistant between Reno and Sacramento, family and friends can fly into either city. Renting a car is also totally possible and the drive from either city is easy and all pretty-like.

Hotels and BNBs are options for everyone. Some family members are already booking house rentals and some hotel stays.


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