My career

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A quick-post on the telephone game of poor journalism

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Expose’ on questionable donations by a potential arena owner in Seattle.

Some of my work in over a decade of journalism:

KOMO TV investigative compilation


Military vets immune from civil justice for sex abuse crimes:

Emmy-winning series on The Fall of CityGuru:

Violence at Western State Hospital:

Fighting for life at the bottom of Alder Lake:

Exposing the painful and lengthy wait for mental health treatment:

Live in Boston during the capture of Dzokhar Tsarnaev:

Nursing home sex abuse in Cashmere:

School emergency drills failing across Washington:

Cemetery’s mistake removes remains in secret:

Seattle’s crumbling schools:

Weak beer at CenturyLink Field:

Robert Swift’s foreclosure:

The murderer on city council:

The sweet gameday tradition of Marge the Sarge:

Broncos fans in Seattle:

Lifestyle articles:

Lucha Libre in Seattle

The battle for the best drink in the world

Bars, games, and adult shenanigans

Las Vegas:

Emmy and Murrow-winning story about Governor Jim Gibbons at the Reno Airport:

Part of our Murrow-winning investigation compilation into Senator John Ensign:

Our Emmy-winning examination of Convention Authority expenses. Part 1:

Part 2 of LVCVA:

Emmy-winning story on a school that teaches torture:

Investigation that exposes workers taking Veteran gravestones to use as a patio:

Undercover at Las Vegas pool parties. What’s in the water?

Investigation into medical marijuana “consultants” skirting the rules:

Medical marijuana patients in need of help:

On the beat with the Pigeon Police:

The worst foreclosure we’ve ever seen:

The beauty and power of a place you can only find in Nevada:

The Chipmonk. A church volunteer who collects poker chips to raise money:

The underground breast milk trade:



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